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Artist of the Month 2013

Previous Artists 2013


Joyce Ringrose

presentation1Joyce Ringrose trained at Bournemouth and Southampton colleges and after spending a number of years teaching art and running a pottery she returned to painting and exhibiting in 1995.

At present living in Blandford, Dorset, she has family connections in Cornwall and is a frequent visitor there. Joyce is totally in love with the coasts of Cornwall and Dorset, especially where there is a visible interaction with the sea and the people who live by and from it. On the spot studies of beaches, harbours, boats and lighthouses are the raw materials for the vibrant acrylic paintings produced in her studio.

Her work has been shown widely in both Cornwall and Dorset.

Contact details: Tel:01258 455470 Web; email: [email protected]


‘Aspects of Photography’ Pimperne Camera Club

In this digital age everyone can take photographs anywhere. However the vast majority of images are viewed by very few and for a very limited time; then left forgotten on a computer, camera or phone. We are constantly surrounded by images; television, logos, signs and advertising bombard our senses, but it is worth taking a while to appreciate beautiful pictures like these.This exhibition aims to stimulate and rekindle an interest beyond the fleeting moment and encourage everyone to give their photographs a better chance of exposure! A photograph is ‘an image from a moment in time never to be repeated’ and deserves more than a glance on Facebook or being passed around the office!

The photographs displayed here are the work of local people who have taken their interest in photography to a greater level and are justifiably proud of the results. With a little encouragement and some dedication a quick ‘snapshot’ can become a picture to be admired.

So take a second look at your own photographs, have a few printed, enlarged, mounted or framed for family and friends to appreciate. Better still come along to a meeting of Pimperne Camera Club, where you and your camera will be welcome. You will pick up lots of hints and tips enabling you, with support and encouragement, to produce pictures you too would be proud to exhibit.

 Pimperne Camera Club ‘Encourages members to use their cameras and to improve their skills’

Meetings held the third Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm in Pimperne Village Hall. Talks, workshops, demonstrations, competitions. Next meeting: 18th September. Club AGM and presentation of trophies and prizes Visitors always welcome, new members encouraged Contacts: Jean Bartlett 01258 480992 or John Draper 01258 455356


Mary Tambini

Mary has a broad and diverse range of experience with making art and has worked with different media and diverse art forms over the years.

She has taught art and design, with extensive experience in education ranging from work in schools, colleges and universities, to advisory work with teachers including national and international consultancy.

Mary has worked as a potter and sculptor and also has experience in printmaking.  In recent years she has spent much more time painting and making 2D work.

Her work starts with drawing, she is interested in the gestural marks and dynamic form in the drawings; the speed, movement and dynamic marks are important. When working from the model, Mary likes quick poses and sometimes works from the moving figure. Through the transformative process the work can become quite abstract in character.

Mary works with a range of different media, she uses collage, printmaking, or anything which might change the surface of the work; fillers, sanding, oil, acrylics and mixed media. Work is free and gestural.

Mary has exhibited work in numerous exhibitions, including:

2013  Encounters, Dorset County Museum

2012  Slade Centre, Gillingham

2011  The Exchange, Sturminster Newton.

2010  Portland Art Centre, Dorset

2009  Pinpointing Portland, Salisbury Library Galleries

2008  Rook Lane Chapel, Frome.

Also Stark Gallery London; Deptford X London; Wills Art Warehouse London; Red Biddy Gallery Guildford; Woodlands Art Gallery London


Mary Tambini, Old Union Arms, Child Okeford DT11 8EL.

Tel: 01258 860516, email [email protected]


Life Drawing Co-operative 2013

The Life Drawing Co-operative 2013 is a loose group of individual professional or semi-professional artists, designers, ceramicists, sculptors, jewellers and engravers of all ages. Basically if it can be done artistically they have either done it, or are just about to!

The group meets every week to gossip, for fifteen minutes around a cup of instant coffee, and then for two and a half hours or so there is a concentrated silence, when they draw the human figure in a variety of styles, media and approaches.

The group’s core belief is, that rather like a concert pianist, they feel the need to practise, practise and practise their vision to inform their art. Like the pianist, with his or her scales, arpeggios and studies, they explore ideas and interpretations. They look for the hidden expression in the form and figures before them, questioning how to represent them, whether abstractly or figuratively or in a mixture of both. It is a process of enquiry in which they have been involved for most of their lives, from art school days until now. Maybe life drawing is a traditional approach to making art, but it certainly makes you think, it’s not the finished piece that matters but how you get there. As practising artists, designers or teachers, they are not about to give up this enquiry now!

This is why you will see, in this exhibition, a variety of approaches and styles where the artist expresses an individual vision. Maybe, as the space is limited, their individual pieces show only a limited range of their thought processes, but by exhibiting as a group, a wide range of visions exist.

The pieces on display show a process of individual enquiry and if you would like to join us to face your own demons please contact


Mary Tambini, Old Union Arms, Child Okeford DT11 8EL.

Tel: 01258 860516, email [email protected]


Judy Baker

Judy-Baker-HareJudy is an artist living in a cottage in Blandford St Mary and working there in her old ‘wash house’ studio.

Over the years she has focused on ceramic sculpture, stone carving and mosaics. More recently Judy has been working extensively with ceramic mosaics, creating a range of animal studies, mostly monochrome but latterly with strong colour. She takes inspiration form the material themselves, especially the unusual break of a tile. Ceramic tiles are an unforgiving medium and the challenge of creating adds an exciting edge to the process. Her most recent work returned to her love of sculpture and focuses on building wire relief images within a ceramic framework. The world of Barry Flanagan (1941-2009), has been a significant inspiration as he too ‘had a thing about hares’.

Judy’s work has been wide reaching, work on large scale projects in schools in Dorset, running adult community workshops as well as focusing on her own pieces. A key work recently has been the installation of a large mosaic panel on Portland to commemorate the sailing Olympics. Images for this and many others including Blandford Museum’s own Diamond Jubilee mosaic can be seen on Judy’s website.

Contact details: Web:  email: [email protected]