Archaeology Group Lecture: Harbours and Coastal Communities in Mycenaean Greece

20th January 2022 at 7:30 pm

Blandford Parish Centre, The Tabernacle, DT11 7DW

Our first lecture of 2022 will be given by Max MacDonald from Southampton University.

The Mycenaeans were the dominant culture of Late Bronze Age Greece, their influence stretched from the Greek mainland across the Aegean Sea, and their trade networks ranged from Sardinia to Syria. They were the forerunners of the Classical Greeks, who mythologized their history through the Homeric tales of the Trojan War.

This talk will discuss a fundamental, but so far overlooked aspect of Mycenaean settlements: their harbours and coastal communities. It will explore the Mycenaeans’ relationships with the sea, and with Minoan Crete and the empires of the east such as Egypt and the Canannites. Harbours are important nodes of communication and cultural exchange; they disseminate and distribute goods as well as ideas and technology to their hinterlands.


Free to Museum Members , £3 for non-members.