Learning at the Museum

We offer a variety of programmes for all ages. See below for options.

Please contact the Museum to speak with the Education Coordinator:

Sylvia Andrews, at 01258 458911 or by email at [email protected]

Schools Programme

Our work with primary and secondary schools is very flexible and we like to work with teachers directly to develop sessions that meet specific needs. Examples of the kinds of projects we could participate in are shown below.

  • Visits to film school activities such as special events (Jubilee Tea Day, School Anniversaries, Children’s interviews of WWII survivors, etc)
  • School Educational Boxes on a variety of local subjects (Blandford Fire, WWII, Victorians, Romans, etc)
  • Visits to the Museum (WWII in Blandford, Blandford Through Time, Victorian Life, Railways)
  • Special Projects developed jointly with several schools and/or museums

To schedule an activity with the museum please contact Jen Brandon at [email protected]

Internships for all ages

The Museum is a great place to get that little bit extra for your CV or University application or just to productively and enjoyably spend some spare time! We have lots of ways for you to develop new skills and gain experience. Experience in working on curatorial projects, helping research and create exhibitions, interviewing local people about their memories for our oral history programme, photographing and filming events and museum artefacts, editing documentaries [using Apple Mac, PC, HD cameras, and applications such as Final Cut Pro], Stewarding, help with the shop, help with the office, helping with our schools programme and many other activities.

To participate at the museum please contact Peter Andrews or Sylvia Hixson Andrews at [email protected]


We have a great need for volunteers to help with any number of projects, from office work to researching and creating exhibitions. The museum also holds workshops, courses and lectures on a variety of subjects. Please watch our website for information on upcoming events and talks.