The Blandford Town Museum is proudly working with the below organisations and groups.

Friends of Angus Wood

Friends of Angus WoodAngus Wood is a 0.5ha, rectangular plot of young woodland situated amongst housing near Blandford town centre. The wood was planted in 1985 by the Woodland Trust under the licensed Planting Scheme and was gifted to the Woodland Trust by the Angus family in 1990.

It came to our attention that the Woodland Trust sought a local community group to take on the management of the wood.

The Rotary Club of Blandford, in conjunction with the Blandford Town Museum and The Blandford School took the initiative to set-up the Blandford Environmental Trust Ltd specifically to manage Angus Wood and other environmental projects in the Blandford area. We were granted a 25 year lease on the wood by the Woodland Trust, and the wood was formally opened under our management by Sir Gillean Prance (former Head of Kew Gardens) on 1st July 2010. We maintain the woodland by holding “work days” for our members and other volunteers.

For more information on Angus Wood please visit the Blandford Rotary Club website.

Blandford Meadows

Two new members recently joined the Blandford Environmental Trust to facilitate and promote environmental projects on the Blandford Meadows for the benefit of the community. These new members represent the Blandford Meadows Action Group to the Dorset Wildlife Trust.

The Blandford Meadow (Stour Meadows) compromise the River Stour and its associated wetlands. By expanding our remit to include this project we hope to be able to co-ordinate in the long term preservation, enhancement and community use of the riverside area.

Mortain Bridge on Stour Meadows by Rachael Piper Harding.