Stour Valley Project

The Stour Valley Project started during the Coronovirus lockdown in 2020. Several Museum members expressed an interest in looking at how the River Stour had influenced the development of Blandford and other local settlements.  What impact did the river have on the shape of settlements, transport, industry, agriculture, fishing and hunting, domestic life and culture and spiritual beliefs? How have the river and its natural history have been changed by the people who lived here?  The Project will investigate these questions, informed by geological, archaeological, and historical sources.

The work is still in its early stages, but we are looking at several outputs, including a series of talks, a blog on new discoveries, an exhibition, various artistic endeavours and possibly, if we can find the evidence, the reconstruction of boats and landing points on the river.  We also hope our findings will influence future archaeological digs.

Each member of the group is pursuing his or her particular area of interest and we are weaving these together.  If you would like to join us, please contact [email protected]


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