Volunteering at the Museum

As a volunteer-run organisation, we depend on many people who generously give their time to help the museum to thrive. The amount and duration of time that volunteers are able to give varies very much from person to person, and this is reflected in our different ways of working.

Many of our volunteers work with the museum on a regular basis, carrying out day-to-day activities or helping to organise events. Others prefer to work on a specific activity for just a short period of time; this may particularly suit students, or young people between jobs or new to the area. Still others join one of our groups or projects to indulge a specific passion, such as archaeology or gardening, or to research a particular aspect of local history.


A few examples of our volunteer roles and activities are shown below. If you have particular skills or interests, or would like to meet new people, and can spare a few hours a month we would love to hear from you. For information about how to get involved, please ring Sylvia Hixson Andrews on 01258 450388 or emailĀ  [email protected].


Front of house

Our stewards do the essential day-to-day activities that allow us to open to the public: opening and closing the Museum and garden, greeting visitors and telling them about the musuem and its exhibits, running the shop, recording visitor numbers, and much more.

Behind the Scenes

Equally important is the work of designing and creating exhibitions, photographing and curating artefacts, and maintaining and cataloguing the archives. Our volunteers carry out all of these tasks, as well as taking on essential managerial and administrative roles such as Director and Accountant.

Events and Fundraising

Some volunteers choose to be involved with events and fundraising. This might include preparing grant applications, setting up and running social events and lectures (including providing home-made refreshments!) and producing publicity material and press releases.

Special projects and activities

Our volunteers are involved in a variety of activities, including working with schools to develop and deliver learning programmes; recording oral histories to preserve the living memories of local people; and organising and participating in our special interest groups and projects.


Young volunteers

Volunteering with the museum can help you gain practical skills and experience to add to your CV, whether or not you plan to work in the Heritage sector. Please get in touch to talk about the kind of opportunities that are available.

Disability and Access

We would welcome volunteers who can advise on, and help us to improve, access to the museum and its exhibits.