The Victorian Garden in 2021

18th December 2021

Museum Garden

The Achocha

The Garden Group has been active through 2021, keeping the garden growing whilst observing Covid restrictions.

We have continued to propagate plants for sale throughout the year both at the museum coffee morning held in the Victorian Garden and on an honesty box basis outside the Museum doors. This had brought in much needed income as all the usual fundraising events were cancelled.

The Garden has been going for about 12 years now so we have taken the opportunity to renovate, restore and replace various areas. There is now new permeable ‘hard standing; in the potting area, a big improvement on the squelchy ground!

The wildlife pond area has been redesigned, all plants removed, the wood pile moved, paths and banks prepared, all planned for easier maintenance.

Many of the wooden structures have needed replacement parts and we are hoping to have a second corner arbour where visitors may sit to enjoy the garden.

The winter is a good time to plan ahead and choose what to grow such as different varieties of dahlia which have proved a popular cut flower; and we always try to grow a ‘novelty’. This year it was the Peruvian vegetable Achocha which is a fast growing vine with a prolific crop of unusual fruit. Unfortunately their cucumber like fruit were not very palatable!

The 2021 Victorian Garden Christmas tree

As in the previous three years we have grown and dried flowers and fruits with which to decorate a Christmas tree for the Parish Church Tree Festival. The lovely red chillies gave the tree a seasonal and bright appearance.

We always welcome new members to our friendly crowd we are a small mixed group of all ages and experiences. Come along and see what we are doing and have a chat about what interests you – we are always open to suggestions!

Elaine Lofthouse Dec 2021